Performer Stammtisch: How to work together.

Summer is over. Time to get back to work! Performer Stammtisch and APAB e.V. invite everyone working on and interested in performance art to join a round table talk. We will discuss formats we want to use to show, see, discuss, critique, transcend and work on performance art in Berlin in the future. New ideas for collaboration, crazy projects, high aspirations welcome!

This is the first of a new series of open meetings on performance art. They will take place roughly once a month and have various hosts.

Jörn J. Burmester, performance artist, host of Performer Stammtisch (2003 - 2013), co-founder and co-organiser of Month of Performance Art – Berlin MPA–B (2011 - 2015), president of APAB e.V. (since 2013).

 (Deutsche Version: Read More)  A group performance experiment to conclude Stammtisch's series on collaboration and learning in performance art. 

Time flies when you are having fun (and keep a mild beer buzz going at all times). It's already time for the last of Performer Stammtisch's series of experiments on Collaboration and learning in performance art for Month of Performance Art

This week, we have invited a large group of old friends and new collaborators we met during MPA–B, and will ask all of them to perform in a series of random duos (Part II was a group performance, part III was a duo ... get it?) following a simple set of rules. We are proud and happy to host this line up of exciting artists: Ilya Noé, Anja Ibsch, Joy HarderLan HunghFrank HohmeyerGreg McLarenAnais HeraudFausto Gracia, and Emeka Ene will be performing alongside your hosts, Jörn J. Burmester and Florian Feigl. After the performance there will be a talk on what (if anything) we actually learned through this series of experimental actions.  

Jörn J. Burmester and Florian Feigl have collaborated in both in their artistic work and on a wide array of curatorial endeavors for over ten years. But never before this edition of MPA–B they have performed unscripted, visual duo performances. They are the founders and hosts of Performer Stammtisch, co-founders and organizers of MPA–B and members of the board of the new "Association for Performance Art in Berlin", APAB e.V.

Performer Stammtisch is a network of independent performance artists, founded by Jörn J. Burmester and active in Berlin since 2003. For ten years, Performer Stammtisch has hosted regular meetings, presenting performances by more than 130 artists. Today Stammtisch focusses on discussing issues relating to the art form and the development of the performance art scene in Berlin and beyond.

Monday, May 26 2014, begins 19.30 h. MPA–B @ DingDongDom, Holzmarktstrasse 25, U + S Jannowitzbrücke. Admission: Donation 3 Euro and up.


Please insert 1£ coin – some news from the empire

Performer Stammtisch is happy to announce another visit by our friend and collaborator Dani Ploeger, and he is bringing this: Students and teachers from the Performance Art programme at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, bring a number of actions, interventions, objects, talks and more to Spinner & Weber in Berlin-Wedding, Brüssler Straße 37, U Seestraße. The project starts on May 30th at 19:00 and finishes on May 31st at 16:00

Artists: Diana Damian, Sarah Gottlieb, Rob Hesp, Beth Mascarenhas, Saule Norkute, Dani Ploeger, Zac Pointon, Maddy Trigg, Miau Vartiainen, Francis Marion Moseley Wilson.
Tomorrow: Fausto Gracia, Jörn J. Burmester & Florian Feigl

Two Performances at this Monday's Performer Stammtisch 

(Deutsche Version s. unten)

The madness of Performer Stammtisch at the Month of Performance Art continues! Performer Stammtisch metFausto Gracia during their participation in Biennal Deformes in Chile in 2013 and is proud to host the first performance he presents in Berlin, titled „Dislocation“. 

After Fausto's performance,Florian and Jörn will continue their ongoing exploration of collaboration and non-hierarchical learning in performance art, the last part of which was last Monday's performance Group Work. In one part of their new performance they collaborate with British performance artist Katy Baird via Skype, integrating her piece that they bought at Auction Achtung!, an auction of life art 2 Mondays ago, into their collaboration. 

As always at Performer Stammtisch, there will be a chance to reflect and discuss after the performance. 

Monday, May 19 2014, begins 19.30 h. MPA–B @ DingDongDom, Holzmarktstrasse 25, U + S Jannowitzbrücke. Admission: Donation 3 Euro and up.

About the artists 

Fausto Gracia was born in Querétaro, Mexico, in 1984. He is a visual artist. Since 2008, his work focuses on performance and process, exploring the relationship of the body as a tool of expression and communication to context. Fausto participated in workshops with artists like Elvira Santamaria and Bartolomé Ferrando. He participated in international performance festivals in Canada, Mexico, the USA, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Brazil. He received the prestigious Scholarship Fund for Culture and the Arts in Mexico, in the category „Young Creators“ in 2012. He has been awarded artistic residencies in Chile and Argentina in 2013. 

Performance artists Jörn J. Burmester and Florian Feigl have collaborated in both in their artistic work and on a wide array of curatorial endeavors for over ten years. They are the founders and hosts of Performer Stammtisch, co-founders and organizers of MPA–B and members of the board of the new "Association for Performance Art in Berlin", APAB e.V.

Performer Stammtisch is a network of independent performance artists, founded by Jörn J. Burmester and active in Berlin since 2003. For ten years, Performer Stammtisch has hosted regular meetings, presenting performances by more than 130 artists. Today Stammtisch focusses on discussing issues relating to the art form and the development of the performance art scene in Berlin and beyond.



This coming Monday, May 12, is the second Monday in May, which is, of course, the day for the second Stammtisch for MPA–B. Sadly, due to illness, our friend Fausto Gracia was not able to travel from Mexico to Berlin. We wish him a speedy recovery, and hope that he’ll join us for one of the next two Stammtisch events we are preparing this month. 

Don’t fret, tho, we have come up with an amazing replacement program. We invite you to witness a moderated group performance that addresses issues like how performers learn from one another in a non-hierarchical process, how to integrate chance and random elements in performance work, and how to cooperate. Frank Homeyer will guide and moderate a performance by Anja Ibsch, Ilya Noé, Joy Harder, Lan Hungh, Florian Feigl and Jörn J. Burmester. Each performer will bring one object/material, and there will be a fixed time of 50 minutes for the event. We are grateful to Frank for suggesting the project, and to the performers who join us in this outrageously cool line up on such short notice. Afterwards, as we do at Stammtisch, we’ll talk about it. 

We look forward to seeing you this Monday. Stammtisch at the MPA–B Hub at DingDongDom at Holzmarktstraße 25 begins at 19.30 h and continues until there is no more beer, or no more questions, whichever happens first. There is a 3 Euro suggested donation .



Der kommende Montag, 12. Mai, ist der zweite Montag im Mai, und der zweite Performer Stammtisch für MPA–B 2014. Leider ist unser Freund Fausto Gracia erkrankt und kann nicht von Mexico nach Berlin reisen. Wir wünschen ihm gute Besserung und hoffen, dass er bei einem der beiden nächsten Stammtische, die wir in diesem Mai vorbereiten, dabei ist. 

Wir haben ruck zuck ein ziemlich tolles Ersatzprogramm hingekriegt. Es gibt eine moderierte Gruppenperformance, die Fragen aufwirft wie: Wie lernen Performer in nicht-hierarchischen Prozessen voneinander? Wie integriert man Zufallselemente in seine Performance? Wie soll man kooperieren? Frank Homeyer moderiert eine Performance von Anja Ibsch, Ilya Noé, Joy Harder, Lan Hungh, Florian Feigl und Jörn J. Burmester. Jeder Performer bringt genau ein Material oder Objekt mit, und es dauert ziemlich genau 50 Minuten. Wir danken Frank für die Idee und freuen uns sehr über das Super Line Up, das so auf die Schnelle zusammen kommt. Danach, wie wir es am Stammtisch tun, reden wir drüber. 

Wir freuen uns, euch am Montag zu sehen. Stammtisch im MPA–B Hub im  DingDongDom in der Holzmarktstraße 25 geht um 19.30 h los und dauert, bis uns die Fragen oder das Bier ausgehen. Wir bitten um eine Eintrittsspende von 3 Euro. 


Auction ACHTUNG! was great

Last Monday we hosted Auction Achtung!, a new live art auction format by Adam Young and Sara Zaltash. Quite a few lots were sold, and we are looking forward to hearing about the collaborations between buyers and sellers. Actually, Performer Stammtisch bought a performance by Katy Baird, and you'll hear more about what we plan to do with it soon. A lively discussion on the worth and value of performance art ensued, and it was an all around exciting evening. Thanks to Sara and Adam for bringing it to MPA–B. 


Letzten Montag war Auction Achtung! zu Gast am Stammtisch, eine neuartige Live Art Auktion von Adam Young und Sara Zaltash. Eine ganze Menge Performances wurden gekauft, und wir sind gespannt zu hören, was für Kollaboartionen sich zwischen Käufern und Verkäufern entspinnen. Performer Stammtisch hat für 27 £ eine Performance von Katie Baird gekauft, und ihr hört bald, was wir damit vorhaben. Eine lebhafte Diskussion über Wert und Kosten von Performances folgte, wir freuen uns über einen runden, gelungenen Abend und danken Adam und Sara.

Inge Agnete Tarpgaard: Walking Workshop

On Monday, May 12, before Stammtisch, we invite you to participate in a work by our Copenhagen based collegue Inge Agnete Tarpgaard. Inge would like you to join her Walking Workshop, a silent walk with changing leadership departing from and returning to our temporary home this May, DingDongDom at Holzmarktstraße 25 (Event on Facebook). The walk begins at 17.30 h and returns to Holzmarkt at 19 h, just in time for Performer Stammtisch.

Montag, 12.5., vor dem Stammtisch, laden wir euch ein, an einem Walking Workshop unserer dänischen Kollegin Inge Agnete Trapgaard teilzunehmen. Inge möchte mit euch schweigend auf einen Spaziergang mit wechselndem Anführer gehen (Event auf Facebook). Start und Ziel sind an unserem temporären Zuhause für diesen Monat, dem DingDongDom in der Holzmarktstraße 25. Wo sich nach dem Walk natürlich auch der Stammtisch trifft.

Der Walking Workshop bricht um 17.30 h am DingDongDom auf und ist um 19 h zurück, rechtzeitig für den Stammtisch.

4 x Performer Stammtisch für MPA–B!!

(Auf deutsch lesen? runter scrollen!)   Dearest Performance people of Berlin: 

It is upon us! Yesterday the Month of Performance Art began with performances during Mayfest and the MPA–B infotable at Bullenwinkel, and today we open the HUB, the first central space the month has ever known, at DingDongDom, Holzmarktstrasse 25 – thanks to Showcase Beat le Mot, Martin Kaltwasser and Holzmarkt (info & directions). Today, Friday May 2nd, 17 h, doors open for the Inauguration of the HUB, where you can have a look at objects that will reappear in the performances to come during the month, and even buy them at auction. 

Performer Stammtisch’s first event for this years MPA–B is also an auction. It will happen on Monday, May 5, beginning at 19.30 h, it is called AUCTION ACHTUNG! and its makers describe it as a brokering service event for live artists to sell their work on an open and global market and to a culturally adept audience at MPA-B. British artists Adam Young and Sara Zaltash have created the auction to bring focus to the issues faced by artists more concerned with the production of ephemeral art than the residual artifacts that are left behind. More than simple intellectual property or commodity, the live artist is able to offer art that must be encountered and experienced at the moment of its production. What value does this hold? What are the rights of an artist? What are they worth? Who is protecting their value? In AUCTION ACHTUNG, artists were asked to draw up their own contracts and terms of sale for their work. 

You can read all about AUCTION ACHTUNG! here and bid for your favorite performances on Ebay

Performer Stammtisch, as it has been known to, will be back every Monday during May, at 19.30 h, with more great stuff. On May 12, our guest will be Mexican artist Fausto Gracia, with a performance called „Dislocation“, followed by an artist’s talk. On May 19, Stammtisch founders Jörn J. Burmester and Florian Feigl perform, and May 26 … well, that remains to be seen. Also back in town are our friend Dani Ploeger and his class of emerging performers from the Central Royal London School of Speech and Drama for an all night event at Spinner and Weber beginning 19 h on May 30 and called „PLEASE INSERT £1 COIN - SOME NEWS FROM THE EMPIRE“. 

We will be there. As we will almost every day in May. Check the huge MPA–B program here and come by often.



Liebes Berliner Performance-Völkchen, 

der Mai ist da und was das heißt, das wisst ihr selbst: Gestern ist der Monat der Performancekunst angebrochen. Los ging es mit Performances und Infotisch beim Mayfest im Bullenwinkel, heute eröffnen wir um 17 Uhr den HUB, den ersten zentralen Ort, den MPA–B je hatte, im DingdongDom, Holzmarktstrasse 25 – mit herzlichem Dank an Showcase Beat le Mot, Martin Kaltwasser und Holzmarkt (Info & Anfahrt). Bei der „Inauguration of the HUB“, könnt ihr Objekte sehen, die später im Monat in einer Performance auftauchen. Und ihr könnt sie kaufen, in einer Auktion. 

Die erste Veranstaltung vom Performer Stammtisch ist auch eine Auktion. Die passiert am Montag, 5. Mai um 19.30, nennt sich AUCTION ACHTUNG! und wird von den Machern als Vermittlungsserviceevent für Künstler beschrieben, bei dem sie ihre Arbeit auf einem offenen, globalen Markt und an die kuturell patenten Zuschauer beim MPA–B verkaufen können. Die britischen Künstler Adam Young und Sara Zaltash haben die Auktion entwickelt, um Aufmerksamkeit auf Themen zu lenken, die Künstler beschäftigen, die sich mehr für die Produktion von ephemeren Aktionen interessieren als für die Relikte, die sie hinterlassen. Eher als geistiges Eigentum und Ware stellt der Performer Kunst her, die im Moment ihrer Produktion erlebt und erfahren werden muss. Was für einen Wert hat das? Welche Rechte hat der Künstler? Was sind sie wert? Wer schützt ihren Wert? Für AUCTION ACHTUNG! haben die teilnehmenden Künstler ihre eigenen Kaufverträge und Verkaufsbedinungen entworfen.  

Mehr Informationen über AUCTION ACHTUNG! gibt es hier,  und auf EBay könnt ihr schon jetzt auf eure Lieblingsperformance bieten. 

Performer Stammtisch kehrt, wie ihr euch schon gedacht habt, an jedem Montag im Mai mit coolem Zeugs zurück in den HUB. Am 12. Mai ist der mexikansiche Künstler Fausto Gracia mit der Performance „Dislocation“ zu Gast, am 19. Mai performen die Stammtisch-Gründer Jörn J. Burmester und Florian Feigl selber, und am 26. Mai … naja. Mal sehen. Und unser Freund Dani Ploeger ist mit Studenten seiner Performanceklasse an der Central Royal School of Speech and Drama in der Stadt. Am 30.5. ab 19 h durch die ganze Nacht mit „PLEASE INSERT £1 COIN - SOME NEWS FROM THE EMPIRE“ bei Spinner und Weber. 

Wir sind jedenfalls da, genau so wie an fast allen anderen Tagen im Mai. Das riesige Programm des ganzen MPA–B gibt es hier. Guckt euch das an und kommt vorbei. 

Open call for MPA–B: An evening of wishes

We would like to invite you to present short performances around the theme 'wishes'.

Just take it open: think about your wishes in life, for your future or your health. Or wishes you have for this planet, your folk, the humanity in general or someone in particular. The work could be a performance, a speech, a poem or a piece of unplugged music. Time limit is 12 minutes. Important note: you would have to leave the spot clean within this timeframe. There will only be a spotlight and an wall socket.

This is why we will prefer simple works. There is a spot, a space. - bring your body and as little else as possible.

Deadline 16. April 2014. Note that you do not need to be absolutely sure about what you want to show. Just give us an idea of what sort of act it will. Meaning performance, speech or music. Important to us is the timeframe you are planning with. The evening of wishes shall take place at 18.may start 20.00 until 24.00 in connection with the MPA 2014 at THE HUB 

MPA–B @ Ding Dong Dom

Holzmarktstraße 25

10243 Berlin

Applications send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

MPA-B co-labourer Richard Raabensaat makes an open call: 

Open Call for participation on the „Teufelsberg“ Berlin on May 16th and 17th 2014

Within the Month of Performance 2014 (MPA) there will be some performances and some presentations of painters and sculputurers on the „Teufelsberg“  On Friday, May 16th  And on saturday May 17th. Artists who work in one or several of this medie are called to send proposals and to tell, what they want to do.

It would be good if the artwork would have a certain relationship to the location. The former NSA Station on the devils mountain has a very vivid history which is present in every stone up there. So the artwork should show some interest in the very special situation. It is possible to paint a picture, to dance a time based sculpture or do do anything which relates to the buildings or the history of the secret services which have done their secret things up there, deep in the forest for a long time. But the history of the mountain begins long before and this could be a theme also on this weekend in may.

Performer Stammtisch: Why isn't it happening?

Because you aren’t. Performer Stammtisch has been an open network since it beginnings in 2003. Network means it is a tool that anyone who feels connected to it can use. And open means there is no obligation to do so. We finished running the regular open performance showcase meetings 1 1/2 years ago, because we got tired of working for free to make artists work for free. So we stopped. There seems to be not much use for what is left.

We offered to start a new series of meetings to talk about issues of interest for performance artists. There hasn’t been a lot of response. The meetings we had were great, but there were only 3 or 4 during 1 1/2 years. Why? Because no one except 3 or 4 people from the open network that is Performer Stammtisch had anything to discuss. So obviously there is not a lot of need for a platform of discuss Performance Art. At least this one. OK, I throw up my hands in resignation. I ask: What should we do with Performer Stammtisch. And why? Should we have a meeting and talk about it? Or has Performer Stammtisch, with some performance art venues now established in town, with the Month of Performance Art happening every year, and APAB e.V. slowly emerging, just run its course and we don’t need it anymore? 

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